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Two Days in Durham

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If you have two days to spare in Durham, they can be the most enjoyable in your life. Use this amazing guide to get an idea of where you should eat, party and shop as well as prominent tourist landmarks you must not miss out on. Learn more about why a two day holiday at Durham can be a once in a lifetime vacation right here.

Greetings from Durham
By Boston Public Library (Greetings from Durham, N.C.) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy an Exciting Day 1 At Durham 

8:00 am is when the day starts

Ever heard of the saying that you should eat breakfast like a king? Well, if you start the day at Basan with some healthy sushi, you will really enjoy yourself no less than that. The ambiance here is simply awesome and the service is excellent. You get all the best dishes at the most reasonable prices. Check into Basan for a wonderful day under the sun. 
Address- 359 Blackwell Street, Durham, NC- 27701
Telephone Number- 9197979728

9:00 am and it’s time to get a dose of history 

Bennett Place is a historic farmhouse situated between two famous cities namely Raleigh and Greensboro. The civil war came to an end within the confines of this farmhouse where Johnston surrendered to Sherman. If you want to visit a typical Southern farmhouse, this is the place to go. 

Address- 4409, Bennet Memorial Road, Durham NC, 27705 United States
Telephone Number- 9197337862

Spend time at the Golden Belt at 10: 00 am

This massive textile mill is a haunt for artists and it also hosts live musical events. Located towards the close of Main and Fayetteville streets, this 7 acre entertainment and shopping complex is known for its fun and lively ambiance. 

Address- 807 East Main Street, Durham NC- 27701 United States
Telephone Number- 9199677700

11:00 am is when you enjoy artwork

Nasher Museum of Art is known for its excellent artwork. It started functioning in 2005 in Duke University campus and is part of the Research Triangle Park. From the classical to medieval and modern art, this museum showcases different kinds of artwork. 

Address- 2001 Campus Drive Durham North Carolina 27705 United States
Telephone Number- 9196845135

12:00 pm and it’s midmorning when Foster’s market comes to life

Foster’s market is the leading shopping destination for global as well as domestic tourists who have visited Durham. This market is run and owned by Sarah Foster who has trained under the famous culinary expert Martha Stewart. You can enjoy the amazing food here and appreciate he immense talent while you are here.

Address- 2694, Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard and Mobile Truck. Durham NC- 27707
Telephone Number- 1914893944
Fax Number- 9194891411

At 1:00 pm, a leading fancy eatery Four Square is where you are headed next

This is the perfect seafood restaurant where you get everything from crab to lobster, shrimps and oysters. There is a spacious and roomy porch attached to this restaurant if you don’t fancy eating indoors. It also overlooks an amazing garden making it the perfect choice for an evening with family or friends. 

Address- 2701, Chapel Hill Road, Durham NC- 27707
Telephone Number- 9194019877

At 2:00 pm, Ninth Shopping District is where you shop, eat and drink to your heart’s content 

Ninth Street Shopping District is located at the confluence of the western and eastern campus and is the best choice for independent shoppers who want to get the best souvenirs at the most reasonable rates. Shop till you drop at this amazing arcade where only the best brands are showcased. 

Address- 2 Blocks West of Duke’s East Campus between Club Boulevard and Main Street, Durham NC- 27702

At 3:00 pm, head out to Northgate Mall

This is a major shopping and entertainment centre located near downtown Durham. This has a massive theatre and a complete trampoline park along with well established brands such as Sear’s and you can get quite a few delicious titbits at the snacks counter of this mall as well. Apart from its extensive row of shops and comprehensive food court, this mall also has a fun filled and lively atmosphere making it the top choice for visitors and domestic travellers alike. 

Address- 1058, West Club Boulevard, Northgate Mall, 1-85 Exit 176 Durham NC- 27701
Telephone Number- 9192864400
Fax Number- 9192863948

At 4:00 pm, Duke Chapel is where you get some peace and quiet

Duke Chapel is located within the University of Duke campus. This massive chapel has a tower which measures an awesome 210 feet in height. Apart from its massive facade and impressive architecture, the chapel also boasts 77 stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Holy Bible. This is a wonderful place to sit and reflect or gather your thoughts as you pray. 

Address- 401, Chapel Drive, Durham and Chapel Hill, US

At 5:00 pm, Durham Bulls is your next destination

This wonderful beer and baseball haunt is perfect for sports enthusiasts and those who live for the game. Minor league Bull Durham is known all over the city for its amazing performances against arch rivals UNC. For a view of the amazing matches, you need to pay between USD 10 to 7 in terms of fees for the tickets. 

Address- 409, Blackwell Street, Durham and Chapel Hill, US

6:00 pm and it’s time for a visit to the gardens 

Sarah P Duke Gardens are another entrancing and naturally beautiful part of the Duke University campus. You can enjoy different kinds of blooms here from magnolia to rose. Walking as well as biking and hiking along with trekking are some of the many adventurous pursuits you can follow here. This garden has massive scenic beauty as well.

Address- 420, Anderson Street, Durham and Chapel Hill, US

7:00 pm and the bar awaits

58 Fifty Bistro and Martini bar is where your evening should ideally begin. You get everything here from steaks to pizzas and wraps. This bar is modern and has the amenities and facilities patrons could wish for. The quality of food and drinks here is top grade and the live musical performances are simply amazing. 

Address- 5850 Fayetteville Road, Sutton Place, 1-40 Exit 276, Durham NC 27713
Telephone Number- 9195448585

8:00 pm and it’s another bar this time 

If you want to soak in the social atmosphere of Durham, Bar Virgile is the place to be. It offers food and ambiance unlike other watering holes in the town. It also has a warm and friendly atmosphere making it the perfect destination for a delightful meal, if you are in the mood for some early dinner. 

Address- 105, South Magnum Street, Downtown Durham, Durham NC 27701
Telephone Number- 9199733000

9:00 pm and the pizzeria is calling 

The Pizzeria Toro is a pizza restaurant with a difference. It has amazing soups and snacks. The high point of the evening are the pizzas which are done to perfection. The desserts here are also very delicious, so you can have a complete meal here. 

Address- 101, East Chapel Hill Street, Durham North Carolina- 27701
Telephone Number- 9199086936

10:00 pm and the Blue Note Grill is where you go to

This bar is located in downtown Durham and is known for its amazing musical shows. It also features typical sumptuous North Carolina barbecue and is the best choice for vegans as well as die hard non vegetarians. 

Address- 709 Washington Street, Downtown Durham, Durham, NC- 27701
Telephone Number- 9194011979

11:00 pm and you move onto Bull City Burger and Brewery

This independent restaurant and craft brewery is known for every type of amazing dish from buns to bacon and burgers. They also have a complete brewery where they operate with a minimal carbon footprint. This eco friendly restaurant and brewery is the best choice. 

Address- 107 East Parrish St, Street 105, Durham NC- 27701
Telephone Number- 9196802333

12:00 pm is when it’s time to hit another happening bar 

Dain’s place is known as one of the most amazing campus bars on site and you get vintage drinks, excellent pub food and a lot of indoor games and music if you spent midnight here. 

Address- 754 9th Street, 9th Street District. Durham, NC-27705
Telephone Number- 9194168800

Day 1  Tour Map Guide of Durham


Do go out and enjoy Day 2 at Durham 

At 8:00 am, breakfast awaits…

Fairview Dining Room is situated on the campus of the world famous Duke University. This restaurant provides local as well as freshly sourced dishes and it has won several accolades for its food. The crowd here comprises chiefly the student population and the atmosphere is very vibrant.

Address- 3001, Cameron Boulevard Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club, Durham NC- 27705
Telephone Number- 9194936699
Fax Number- 9196813514

9:00 am and its time to check out the topmost attractions in the city

Duke Lemur Center is located within a distance of 2 m from the main Duke University Campus. It is home to a record number of primates and fee charges for adults and children is roughly USD 10 and 7 respectively. This centre showcases cutting edge research and dedicated conservation efforts which makes it the perfect choice for wildlife enthusiasts. 

Address- 3705, Erwin Road, Durham
Telephone Number- 19194893364

10: 00 am is when you get a taste of campus life

The Duke University was created from  the funds earned by the Duke family from their massive tobacco empire. This university has an amazing chapel and sprawling gardens as well. The campus life is immensely exciting and the entire experience will be simply fantastic. 

Address- Campus Drive, Durham and Chapel Hill, US

11:00 am is the time to check out another campus

This is one of the older campuses and it has a visitor centre as well as a planetarium and science center. Visitors to this varsity can enjoy the amazing experience of learning about different cultures and the complex cultural heritage of Durham. 
Address- Durham and Chapel Hill, United States

At 12:00 pm, it’s art appreciation time 

Durham Performing Arts Center is known for its marvelous artwork. This art center opened its doors to the public in the year 2008 and was recently renovated as well. It has been listed as the top performance house across the globe by many respected periodicals.

Address- 123, Vivian Street, Durham NC27701
Telephone Number- 9196883722

Have a bite to eat at 1:00 pm

G2B is a gastropub with a difference because you get everything from steak to mousse here. If variety is your spice in life, G2B is the place to be. This pub has over hundred different types of beer and 14 beer on tap. 

Address- 3211, Shannon Road, Street 106 (courtyard of Southport Building), Durham, NC- 27707
Telephone Number- 9192519451

Take in a match at 2:00 pm 

Duke University’s top honors when it comes to sports rests with the Cameron Indoor Stadium. This is a classical venue for ball players and it has undergone extensive renovations in the 2000s. The game playing experience can be further enhanced and even if you are a sports spectator, this is a special stadium you won’t want to miss. 

Address- 301, Whitford Drive, Durham NC 27705 United States
Telephone Number- 9196842120

At 3:00 pm, it’s time for a flash from the past

Stagville is a massive plantation located in Durham County, North Carolina and buildings here were constructed in the late 18th-early 19th century. This home was owned by the rich Bennehan Cameron family and has 3 tracts measuring over seventy acres each. This plantation was registered with the National Register of Historic Places as well. 

Address- 5828 Old Oxford Road, Durham North Carolina 27712 United States
Telephone Number- 9196200120

At 4:00 pm, pay a visit to the museum

The Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum showcases the beginning years and professional rise of tobacco tycoon Washington Duke. NC became a part of the global tobacco empire thanks to the efforts of the Duke family. 

Address- 2828 Duke Homestead Road, Durham NC- 27705 United States
Telephone Number- 9194775498

5:00 pm is when you go in for a beer

Tyler’s restaurant and taproom is known for its amazing food and awesome beers. It has more than 60 different types of beer on tap and a fairly exhaustive menu. Snacks and drinks at the restaurant and taproom are simply delightful.

Address- 324 Blackwell Street (at American Tobacco District) Durham NC

At 6:00 pm, Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub is the right choice

If you want that specially brewed draught of cold beer with delicious snacks, Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub is the ideal choice. The nachos here are simply out of the world and you get beverages of varying qualities here. Top drinks, quality food and excellent ambiance make this the right choice for a cosy evening.   

Address- 427, West Main Street, Between West Chapel Hill and Downtown Loop, Durham NC

It’s Bull Durham time at 7:00 pm 

Bull Durham is what the city is well known for. This sports bar is made famous in a Kevin Costner movie of the same name. From social gatherings to personal meetings, you can really enjoy yourself here. Seafood and corn chowder here are some of the specialities you should sample. 

Address- 3001, Cameron Boulevard, in Washington Duke Inn, Durham NC

8:00 pm  and the beer spree continues

Next in line is Atomic Empire where you get the most amazing draft beer for USD 4 and there is plenty of space for you to lounge and relax while savoring it. Enjoy the games here and a night out at this amazing bar.

Address- 3400 Westgate Drive 14B, Durham NC
Telephone Number- 9194907900

9:00 pm and you must grab a bite 

The place to go for the best fast food dinner you have ever had is Only Burger. This place is known for its unique speciality a.k.a burgers and you can be sure that the outcome is a dinner worth your money and time both. Don’t miss out on the pickle chips here- they are simply outstanding.

Address- 3710 Shannon Road, Durham NC
Telephone Number- 9199379377

Go to Full Steam Brewery at 10:00 pm 

This wonderful brewery is known for its delicious ale and cream plus sweet potato. The pizza has the perfect taste and it is amazing to taste with its full cheese and creamy blend and slices baked to the crisp yet tantalizing state they are served in. 

Address- 726, Rigsbee Avenue, West Geer Street, Durham NC
Telephone Number- 9196822337

If you are in a mood for some fantastic grilled cheese, this is where you go to at 11:00 pm 

From the delicious beer to the veggie sliders and the pork nachos, everything here has a special and delightful taste. But considered at the top of the food hierarchy is the grilled cheese for which people come from vast distances to eat. 

Address- 914, West Main Street, Durham NC
Telephone Number- 9196808611

Drop off at the Glass Jug at 12:00 pm 

From the food to the quality drinks, everything here is awesome. Ambiance and service here are top quality too. The Glass Jug is the place to go if money and time are precious to you. With reasonable rates and quick service, it offers dual advantages. 

Address- 5410 NC Highway 55. Durham NC
Telephone Number- 9198130135

Day 2 Tour Map Guide of Durham

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